Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Different international Human Resource (HR) professional organisations Essay

Different international Human Resource (HR) professional organisations all over the world - Essay Example According to the research findings a suitable career planning process has been conducted with a purpose to select an appropriate HR Professional Organization in order to take my career in the right path. The career planning process has been studied based on Noe’s model. In the career planning process, when the researcher was in the step of self-assessment and reality check, he has recognised that he is in the ‘Exploration Stage’ of career development where the researcher is keen to seek information about jobs, careers and occupations from co-workers, friends, family members along with the experienced person in the HR field and it can assist me for pursuing the needed education or training. The researcher’s short-term goal is to gain more experience in the field of Human Resource Management in order to be effective and efficient in my near future. Similarly, the paper’s long-term goal, when the researcher enters the ‘Establishment Stage’, to be a leading HR manager in a reputed organisation which would provide me a path to attain sustainable growth. In this study, it was found that all the organisations considered have a few benefits and lacunas as well. However, SHRM can be considered as one of the best organisations for HR Professionals in order to provide opportunities for achievement, encouragement for development, and information about career opportunities. Consequently, the researcher prefers to join The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as the researcher found that it can assist me in order to achieve my career objectives. Background I am presently working in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce associated with HR department. I primarily look after the HR issues under the supervision of my mentor. My key responsibility is to manage the various HR issues in order to take the organisation in the path of sustainable growth and development. Subsequently, it can be stated that I am in the ‘Exploration St age’ and I intend to grow at sustainable rate in my near future that can be regarded as an ‘Establishment Stage’. This stage can provide me a place in an organisation which can assist me to make my independent contribution for the work. It often endow with a path to establish a desirable lifestyle along with the financial success (Noe, 2010). Self-Assessment and Reality Check Career development is considered as one of the important aspects for an organisation in order to create and sustain a continuous learning environment. It offers a process through which employee’s improvement has been conducted by a series of stages. Each and every stage is dealing with different developmental tasks, relationship and activities. In the same way, I am currently associated with the ‘Exploration Stage’. At this point, it is measured to be important for me to pursue the needed education or training in order to achieve my career objectives and goals (Noe, 2010) . The composition of different generation creates an appropriate workforce for an employee. With this concern there are mainly four different types of generations that are identified in the

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